2013 is almost on it’s way out the door – now for the obligatory round-up post. What did we do? Deadly Bloggers Challenge 2013 – We had three dedicated #DB13 challengers. They were Siv Park at OnDusk, Ray Gates at Ray Gates and The Harlot Blogger. These guys were amazing. A few other folks started, Read More


I’ve been asked to give a lecture for Dr Sandra Phillips’ course, Reading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast in a couple of weeks. The topic of that week’s lecture is “Focus on the Blogosphere”. Ever since I started Deadly Bloggers, I have been imagining that it might Read More

A quick post to let everyone know of an upcoming Vlog (video-log/blog) by deadly Koori Ebony Allen (aka @ebswearspink). Her vlog will be titled The Travelling Unicorn. As part of her project, she is seeking support from the world to get her the gear that she needs. I for one, am looking forward to seeing Read More

I’ve deliberately not positioned Deadly Bloggers in the “how to blog” market. There are lots of those websites and it’s not my intention to become one of them. As a result, I haven’t written posts on hints & tips, how to market, grow your audience stuff etc. That said, I feel the need, this lazy Easter Read More

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m getting ready to create a new website for The Deadly Bloggers. We’ll be moving to WordPress soon. However there is one big difference between what we have now and what I’d like to have in the future. The “directory” is actually (on this website) a LinkList. Whenever I find a Read More

I don’t know about you, but I definitely wished I blogged more. I write plenty of posts in my head when I am inspired, but sadly they don’t always (I should say – rarely) get converted to text and published. I really wanted to create a challenge, something like ProBlogger’s 31 days to a better Read More

As many of you know, Deadly Bloggers began as a list of links on my own blog. I used to tweet about the list – in the quest to seek out new bloggers as well as to encourage other Murris I knew to start blogging too. I think I began to use the #deadlybloggers hashtag Read More

Wow! What a great week it’s been for Deadly Bloggers. So many fantastic #NAIDOCBlogs. I’m really excited about the possibilities that this week has bought in raising the profile of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander blogs to a diverse audience. Today’s NAIDOC posts – The Brown Couch, which is the official blog of the the Read More

The NAIDOC Twitter stream was infiltrated by a certain game of football last night with many people dubbing it the NAIDOC State of Origin. (lol) Today on Deadly Bloggers, we have new posts Mark Mullins‘ on his Blak and Black blog has posted a second NAIDOC post for 2012 that challenges the position of the ACT’s Minister Read More