Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival


Image for the first Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival in 2014

The Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival (#DBBC) runs from the 1st – 31st of July.

In 2014 we had 24 new posts and we’re going to give it another crack in 2019.  Deadly Bloggers invites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and organisations to participate in this event.

How do I participate?

  1. Visit the Deadly Bloggers 2019 Blog Carnival Registration Form.
  2. Create a post (text, video, image, sound) and publish it on (or even before) the date you chose.
  3. For the 1st of July, we will add your link to our 2019 Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival page, and we will Facebook, and Tweet your link.

What to write about?

July is a big month of activity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia. There is NAIDOC week and Blak History Month. As a result, both of these events may provide you with some inspiration. But do not feel limited to these themes. Posts may offer critique of issues or ideas. (I’ve collated some NAIDOC posts for a bit of blogspiration)


One of the core goals of Deadly Bloggers is to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to use digital platforms to express their ideas, histories, voices, opinions, and stories. We do this by regularly sharing posts by bloggers who are on the Deadly Bloggers directory. We share their posts on Twitter, Facebook, and G+(daily).

We also do occasional presentations in real life,  where we feature the work of those on the Deadly Bloggers Directory.

A blog carnival is just another opportunity to increase audience and reader numbers for our bloggers By having a once-a-year focal point, we can capture the interest of a wider variety of people, not all of whom will have been exposed to Indigenous bloggers before.


1. I want to participate, but don’t have a blog?

That’s okay. Deadly Bloggers can host your post. We can also lend a hand to help you start a free blog. Read about the types of blogging platforms we suggest.

2. I’ve put my name down, but I didn’t get it done.

No worries. A few bloggers have indicated that they will create two posts (one as a back-up). If you let me know early that you’ve had trouble getting it finished, I can ask one of our back-ups to fill in for the day. If you end up getting one done, let us know so we can share your post as well.

3. Does it have to be about NAIDOC or Blak History Month?

No. Not at all. I’ve suggested it could be about these topics because it is sometimes hard to think of something to write about. Think about using #NAIDOC and #ABHM as inspiration, then take it from there.

4. What if my post isn’t positive?

Your post doesn’t have to be “positive”. You may like to provide a critique of something that’s happening in the world. You should write about what you feel comfortable writing about. It’s your blog.

5. I can’t access the spreadsheet

No worries. Just send us a message and we’ll add you in.

6. I would like to write something, I don’t have a blog, and am a bit concerned about privacy and security

Let’s have a yarn. Deadly Bloggers could possibly host your post.

 7. I’ve already written and published something. Is it ok to recycle?

Yes that’s fine. Just complete the URL in the spreadsheet so we can track it and get it shared on your allocated day.

8. What’s the hashtag?

The hashtag we will use is #dbBC, but we will also, where relevant, use #naidoc, #naidoc14, #abhm.

9. Do I have to “write” a post?

Posts DO NOT have to be just text. You can create a video, do something with sound, an image or an “essay” of images. Text is only one form of expression.