Last July 24 different posts by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander bloggers were written to commemorate Blak July. The idea of the Blog Carnival was to draw attention to the many talented and diverse Indigenous bloggers out there across Australia. And I think we did this pretty well with plenty of Tweets and Facebook updates Read More


Current writings by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people belong within a cultural and historical continuity that predates the invasion whilst utilising, adapting and challenging the written genres and forms of colonising culture. If I’ve done a social media talk for you in the past few years, you’ve most likely seen this quote. It’s my Read More

Are you in need of some inspiration for the 2014 Deadly Bloggers Blogging Carnival? Here are some NAIDOC / Blak History Month posts from some of our Deadly Bloggers in previous years. On Anita Heiss’s blog Kayannie Denigan (2013) Determination, Dedication, Motivation by Jacob Ridgeway (2013) Sydney comes alive for NAIDOC week! (2012) NAIDOC Week, Read More

I’ve been throwing this idea around in my head for a while – having an event like a Blogging Carnival. There are a few different styles of Blog Carnival – but the Down Under Feminist Carnival is pretty straight forward so I thought I’d copy/adapt that one. The idea is still in search of a Read More

Even though they’re technically “posts”, this week I’m on the hunt for #NAIDOCBlogs. I’ll be on ABC Digital – NAIDOC Radio at 9am each day, talking about what’s trending on social media around NAIDOC. I’ve put the call out for new posts about NAIDOC from the Deadly Bloggers list, but of course, some have are already Read More