The Travelling Unicorn

travelling-unicorn-profile-picA quick post to let everyone know of an upcoming Vlog (video-log/blog) by deadly Koori Ebony Allen (aka @ebswearspink). Her vlog will be titled The Travelling Unicorn.

As part of her project, she is seeking support from the world to get her the gear that she needs.

I for one, am looking forward to seeing her vlog up and running. I’ve met Ebony a few times, and have interacted with her online now for a couple years. She’s smart, funny and is right-on-the-button when it comes to Indigenous (national and global) issues.

The unicorn onesie brand may not to be everyone’s taste (and she has copped a bit of flak in social media circles for it), but seriously, if you know Ebs, how can anyone think that she won’t be adding to the discourse – it will be funny, engaging, a little sweary, and definitely blak.

Please lend your support to Ebony. You can even make $1 donations so she can travel to the US and Europe, generating content whilst on her travels.