Welcome to Deadly Bloggers!

It is quite possible that I’m addicted to creating blogs. I’m not sure it’s healthy, but I guess there could be worse habits. This blog is dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander blogs and bloggers, and perhaps in the future Other bloggers out there in Australia.

I’m constantly been sending people to my Deadly Bloggers list on my own personal blog,and I thought, why not just direct people here. The list on my page is currently around 30 blogs – some are not active, but there is a growing presence and I think that’s important to capture and value. No doubt there are others who are not on the list. I know of at least one Murri child who has been blogging since she was 9 and understandably she’s not on the list.

I’ll be looking for guest bloggers soon. Will keep you posted.

Cheers, Leesa

Ps. Is there anyone missing from my list?