WIPC:E 2014 Presentation

On the back of my presentation at the University of the Sunshine Coast with Dr Sandra Phillips, I thought I’d give it another go by throwing my hat in the WIPC:E ring and seeing if I could get a presentation up. I’m linking my Deadly Bloggers and my Critical Classroom hats here by shaping the presentation to be

  1. about Indigenous people & social media,
  2. about the research on Deadly Bloggers
  3. how educators (the WIPC:E audience) can create their own blogs.

So it’s part research paper and part how-to workshop. Here is the full abstract:

Deadly Bloggers: Indigenous narratives enduring through digital participation


In 2012, Deadly Bloggers was created as a blog list, within a few months it became it’s own Twitter account, and twelve months later became its own website. Deadly Bloggers is the first directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander blogs. It supports and encourages people to blog and to have their ideas and culture recorded and shared within families, communities, as well as nationally and globally. It is also a tool for sharing educational knowledge to a broader audience. This workshop will provide an overview of Deadly Bloggers, and then will provide guidance to those new to social media about how to start their own blogs.

And here are my slides, embedded via Slideshare.

I promise to write up a proper paper one day soon.