Some facts about Deadly Bloggers –

  • Deadly Bloggers was created by Leesa Watego when she began her personal blog in 2009 as a link list.
  • Leesa then created a Twitter hashtag (#deadlybloggers) and used it to promote the posts she was reading from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bloggers.
  • On Wednesday March 21, 2012 Leesa created Blogger site, a Twitter account and Facebook page.
  • As at March 30, 2012, there were 77 sites on the list.
  • Deadly Bloggers is now powered by Iscariot Media.

Our vision

  • Deadly Bloggers does not currently post “how to blog” advice. There are thousands of sites that talk about how-to-blog and how-to-make-more-money from blogging. While being self-sustaining and profitable is vital to growing independent media, at Deadly Bloggers we are committed to showcasing bloggers only and to be a portal for people looking to connect and promote.
  • We do provide plenty of advice off-the-wall to folks looking to start a blog and/or make theirs more effective. Want some advice, contact us.

Our Twitter policy

  • The @DeadlyBloggers account follows only our Deadly Bloggers, and the majority of its tweets will be of our members’ new posts