Become a Deadly Blogger

For our guidelines, see below …. then click Add Me.

Who can be a Deadly Blogger?

  • Any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person with a blog and who is blogging.
  • Any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander business with a blog.
  • Any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander organisation with a blog.

We do not include blogs run by Government Departments nor organisations that are not Indigenous owned. These include art-centres, even if their content is Indigenous. Where art-centre members are responsible for the blogging, these may be included.

What blogging platforms are acceptable?

We accept all blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr. We do not consider Facebook and/or Twitter to be blogging platforms for the purposes of this directory.

Choose a category

We have created a range of categories based on the type of content that is being produced  on the Deadly Bloggers list. If we haven’t included your category, please let us know and we’ll add it in.

What do I have to include when I list my blog?

Each listing will be an individual post on Deadly Bloggers which lets you include the name of your blog, an image, a brief description, your blog’s Facebook page, Twitter account, G+ page, other relevant social media sites, and your name as creator of the blog.

How do I describe my blog?

Try to come up with one or two sentences that best describe your blog. If you are a personal blogger, then it may be much harder as you create content about many topics. Imagine a stranger asks you what your blog is about, and you have seven seconds to describe it, what would you say? Write the post in the third-person, as if somebody else wrote it, for example

Not Quite Cooked is a personal blog that expresses the life journey of Brisbane Murri mum, Leesa Watego. She documents her work, feminism, parenting, education, politics and the odd recipe or two. Contains occasional course language.

Another way to think about it, is consider that your blog is like a magazine. How would you describe a magazine in a few sentences.

Do I have to have social media links?

While many of us blog for ourselves, it is nice to know that people are reading our content. Including social media links assists your readers to share the content you have created. Even if you don’t want to be a super-tweeter, having a Twitter account (and posting your links to Twitter), helps the Deadly Blogging community share your content for you.

How many posts should I have before I can go onto the list?

In our old list (that you can see in the sidebar), we included blogs that have only one or two posts. Our Deadly Bloggers directory however, will only include blogs that have a minimum of five posts. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not check out our Deadly Bloggers Challenge and our topic ideas.

How long before I appear on the Deadly Bloggers’ Directory?

Once you have completed the form and clicked submit, please allow five days for your listing to appear.

Can I have more than one listing?

Absolutely! Deadly Bloggers became a blog in its own right after spending time as a list on another blog. If you have more than one blog, you can have a listing for each blog. However, each blog must have a minimum of five posts before you can list it.

How do you know if I am Indigenous or not?

We don’t and we won’t know. We are not the authenticity police. We can only trust that people will do the right thing and only apply if they fulfil the guidelines. There would be little reason to go onto the Deadly Bloggers list if you weren’t Indigenous, and there are many other directories out there for all kinds of topics. All bloggers should feel free to list on as many directories as they can.

What if I’m on the list and probably won’t post again?

There are quite a few Deadly Bloggers that haven’t posted in over a year. What to do with these? We know that many people will come and go from blogging, and we should have a category for people who no longer wish to blog, but who are happy to have their blog remain as part of the “archive”.  If this is you, complete the form to go on the listing, but choose “Archived” as one of the categories. Also state in your description that this blog was alive from Start Date to End Date.

What if my category and other information has changed?

We know all too well that what you think you will write about and what you actually end up writing about can be two different things. You think you’re going to be a political blogger and before you know it you’re writing art exhibition reviews, or visa versa. If your blog changes direction and you would like to upgrade any information. Please complete the form again and we will amend it as soon as we can.

Does  it cost anything to list on Deadly Bloggers?