Blog Carnival – 2014


Each day we will update the Blog Carnival list. Please visit each blog, share their posts and perhaps leave a comment.

  1. Zulai Wan by Murray Saylor, Tagai Management Consultants
  2. A child’s look at racism by Annie Ah Kee, Anarchy
  3. #NAIDOC by Luke Pearson, AboriginalOz Blog
  4. What is an Indigenous Business? The many definitions are confusing by Damien Foley
  5. Cancer, Combat and Conquer by Colleen Lavelle, Proud Black Sister
  6. Contemporising and Continuing Culture by Nathan Leitch, Natty Warbucks
  7. Why Identify? by Ray Gates, RayGates One Man Many Hats
  8. Uncle Harry Allie by Ebony Allen, The Travelling Unicorn
  9. Nuni by Nathan Leitch, Natty Warbucks
  10. Am I Not Black Enough? by Dameyon Bonson, Dameyon’s BlogSpot
  11. NAIDOC by Colleen Lavelle, Proud Black Sister
  12. Who celebrates NAIDOC Week? by Lisa Buxton, Nyumba Learning
  13. NAIDOC might be done for another year, but the party has just got started by Leesa Watego, Critical Classroom
  14. Review: Songlines Jam by Eugenia Flynn, Black Thoughts Live Here
  15. Hereby Make Protest: A Significant Reminder by Anita HeissAnita Heiss on Books, Gratefuls, Life
  16. On Monday flying to Manila by Steven Rhall, Steven Rhall
  17. Aboriginal English – Kriol – Traditional Language by AboriginalEng, Aboriginal Englishes
  18. Briggs – Hard Work Pays off, by Nathan Leitch, Natty Warbucks
  19. On the blue highway, you travel alone, by Karen Wyld, Yarn Weaver
  20. To be black is to be political, by Ebony Allen, The Travelling Unicorn
  21. NAIDOC, Opinion and Us by Sandy O’Sullivan, Dr Sandy O’Sullivan
  22. Reconciling Australia: It starts with our First Nations by Ray Gates, Ray Gates One Man Many Hats
  23. Challenges facing Indigenous Entrepreneurs by Dean Foley, Dean Foley – Entrepreneur
  24. Indigenous Voice – Always Was, Always Will Be by Leesa Watego, Deadly Bloggers