2nd Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival


Last July 24 different posts by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander bloggers were written to commemorate Blak July. The idea of the Blog Carnival was to draw attention to the many talented and diverse Indigenous bloggers out there across Australia. And I think we did this pretty well with plenty of Tweets and Facebook updates across the month.

Why choose July? As a supporter of Australian Blak History Month how could I go past it, and of course there’s NAIDOC Week and Zulai Wan, and other events. Deadly Bloggers spends all year featuring the work of the creators on our directory, but for 31 days a year, we do it a little more intensely than normal.

How does it work?

  1. Visit the Google spreadsheet*, pick a date and add your details for the date you want.
  2. Write a post (doesn’t have to be a text-based post, it can be image, sound, video, or whatever you want)
  3. Deadly Bloggers will add your post to our 2015 Blog Carnival page, and we will Facebook, Tweet the link to your post.

About the topics:

  • Topics can be whatever you want them to be, but I guess if they reflect something about NAIDOC and/or Blak History Month it would be great. But again, you’re not limited to that topic.
  • Like last year, I invite you to be controversial if you like.

When to start?

  • Now, pick your date, get creating and we will be ready for July.
  • If you’re not on the Deadly Bloggers list, join us now. (It’s free!)
  • Read our FAQs

Hope you can join us!

Cheers, Leesa

*If you can’t see the spreadsheet, hit me up on Twitter/Facebook and I’ll add you into the sheet myself.