On the hunt for #NAIDOCBlogs

Even though they’re technically “posts”, this week I’m on the hunt for #NAIDOCBlogs. I’ll be on ABC Digital – NAIDOC Radio at 9am each day, talking about what’s trending on social media around NAIDOC.

I’ve put the call out for new posts about NAIDOC from the Deadly Bloggers list, but of course, some have are already way out in front –

BlondeInk who quite often talks about the ups and downs of relationships, fashion and food in the ACT, is a Deadly Blogger who has a post about NAIDOC in the ACT, including links to the official page as well as a reminiscence about highlights. She also provides some suggestions for how people might like to celebrate NAIDOC. Her website is www.blondeink.net 

Anita Heiss, prolific writer and blogger, last year had a guest blogger for each day of NAIDOC week. This year, Anita’s NAIDOC posts began with her posting the annual NAIDOC speech by Year 11 students Ms Ruby Lew and Isabella Olsson. Their speech about Sovereignty, the Mabo decision and self-determination has special meaning this week. Anita’s blog is www.anitaheissblog.blogspot.com. Her website is www.anitaheiss.com.

I’ll add more posts each day!