Support the Koori Woman’s crowd-funding campaign

A quick post to let everyone know of a new partnership between Kelly Briggs aka The Koori Woman and the Crikey health blog, Croakey. Kelly will be writing a series of articles for Croakey over the next few months, and in order to support her amazing writing there is a crowd-funding campaign at Start Some Good.

I’m a huge fan of Kelly’s writing, she is no holds barred, she is fearless, she’s super smart and has a fantastically readable writing style. Her work is community grounded, i.e. she’s writes from the perspective of community, at the receiving end of public programs. Her writing is a must for public policy makers – want to know how your public policy is going? ask Kelly, she’ll tell ya.

Have a read of her work so far, and if you can, please dig in and lend a hand.

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